Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How can create own section in memory

//mysection.c: this program tells how we can create own section and also put our varible inside this section

int my_func (int, int) __attribute__ ((section ("my_code_section")));
int global_var __attribute__ ((section ("my_data_section")));
int global_init __attribute__ ((section ("my_data_section"))) = 2;

int my_func (int i, int j)
return i*j;

main (void)
int local_var = 10;
global_init = 5;

printf ("local_var: %d global_var: %d global_init: %d\n",
local_var, global_var, global_init);
printf ("%d * %d = %d\n", local_var, global_var,
my_func (local_var, global_var));

return 0;
$gcc mysection.c
local_var: 10 global_var: 0 global_init: 5
10 * 0 = 0

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ashish kumar said...

Can I add permissions to my section.
like we have read-only section and executable section ?