Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Education--Very Important part of our life

Education can be categorized as Primary Education and Secondary Education.
Lets discuss about Primary Education.
Basic Education means Primary education.Education is the most important part of our life.
I think every one should get a proper education.At least basic education is necessary for us.
I belongs to Rural area where many people are not getting basic education.
For Girls ,villagers said that kya keregi ladki padke,sirf roti to banani he ese sasural me(Means What is the advantage of study for Girls,she makes roti(food) only.)

I remembered when myself with my younger brother doing preparation for Engineering Entrance Exam,one person said to my father in front of me ,bhai paisa kyon barbad ker raha he ladkon per
kitne engineer mene ghass khodte dekhe hein,fauj mein laga de 50 hajar rupya deker(means he said to my father do not waste your money on education,send them to army using some money around 50000 INR.

But my father is an educated person and ignore these comments.Now a days people are changed and trying to get good education for their children.Now People are getting more familiar with the education.But changes are not so much in Villages compare to Cities.

Now a days basic as well as higher education are very costly.If You want to take the admission in Engineering,doctor ,MBA courses you have to pay a lot of money.

in City there are most other factors that are increasing education:

1.They are educated.
2.They have positive mind regarding education.
3.They have money for education.
4.There are various facility like good schools,colleges,electricity and good environment.

But in Villages above these things are not in a good condition.
I know that now a days some people sending their children to town school(English Medium)
but its also costly for some people.

When I done my basic education there is only one primary school in my village.In primary school ,the education standard is not so good as in public school,private school etc.Government is trying to improve the basic education but its not too much affected.

After completing 5th class we have to go town school for 6th onwards education.
At 6th class you have to learn English A B C D,and English numbers:One Two Three.I have a good luck that our parents are educated and teaches us at home.
Now a days nothing is changed in primary school,but people have changed their mind set and sending their children to good private school.
Some poor people are unable to send their children to good school and hence their children is taking primary education in primary school.

Government have started Aganwadi for poor people and attracted children to give lunch at school.But I remember one teacher of Aganwadi offer me to purchase the biscuits etc. at low cost that are distributed among children at Aganabadi school.what is this man --think over that.

If this is happening in our society then how we can say that we have more educated people and how we can improve the education.
Now the Conclusion is that since in villages ,people do`nt have so much money and can not afford their children fees for good school so government should take some actions and improve quality of study and teachers in primary school as well as influence the people for education.

We have to do something which increase the education level among children.
We have to improve the system,the way of education and some other factors like girls education that is very important since first teacher of any child is mother.

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